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Our Optical Area

Our optical area offers our patients an opportunity to select quality eyewear while at our office. We carry a display of over 700 frame styles with a wide range of styles and prices. Our opticians have extensive experience in the art of dispensing eyeglasses. Besides being able to assist in choosing the right frame style for your, they also are experts in fitting progressive reading glasses, invisible and regular bifocals and trifocals. We have the latest in high index materials to make your lenses thin. Ultraviolet and anti-reflective coating, transition and photo-gray lenses, non-prescription quality sunglasses and a wide variety of lens tints are also available.

Eye Glasses Varieties to choose from at Pittsburgh Eye Associates
Thinner, More Impact Resistant Lenses

Our newest eyeglass lenses come from Hoya, a custom lens manufacturer. Hoya’s unique plastics create the thinnest lenses available and make even the strongest prescriptions look great. The Phoenix lens from Hoya is made of a new type of plastic that combines the best features of other plastic lenses on the market: it provides great optics, is very impact-resistant, and is thin and lightweight. Phoenix lenses are currently available as single-vision and progressive lenses and will soon be available in flat-top bifocal, aspheric, and variable-tint (photochromic) styles.

Custom-made Progressive Addition Lenses

Hoya, along with Zeiss and Definity, now also manufacture custom-made progressive addition lenses (PAL’s) that provide virtually distortion free viewing at all distances.
PROFECTION™ 1.70 from Hoya adds a dynamic dimension to your lens selection with its digitally mastered PROFECTION™ lens series. This ultimate high index material offers patients with higher prescriptions uncompromised visual clarity over a range of distances in the thinnest, lightest, and most fashionable lenses available anywhere in the world.

Our optician needs to take a few more measurements for these special lenses. All of this additional information is then sent to the manufacturer who designs a custom-made lens specifically for you.

Progressive No Line Bifocal Eyeglass Lenses

Varilux Panamic is the newest progressive lens design from Varilux, the company that invented the progressive lens. It is a progressive addition lens, that is, a “no-line” multifocal that provides clear vision at all distances for patients who need bifocal prescriptions. In the past, most progressive designs have left some areas of distortion in the lens that limited the wearer’s peripheral vision and yielded a narrow reading area, requiring a lot of head movement to scan across a page. The new Varilux Panamic is a custom-made lens that is designed to minimize distortions. Each lens is manufactured for your specific prescription to yield enhanced peripheral vision and a much wider reading area. These lenses provide vision that seems so natural, you might not be aware that you’re wearing a bifocal.

Improved Anti-reflection coatings

Anti-reflection coatings have been around for years and provide you with clearer vision, as well as make your glasses look better. In the past, these lens coatings have been delicate and have required extreme care to avoid scratches. The latest generations of anti-reflective coatings are extremely durable and far superior in performance compared with their predecessors.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Tired and sore eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and general fatigue – these are just a few symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Currently, CVS is the number one health complaint of office workers nationwide, affecting millions of people, including those with 20/20 vision. A pair of computer lenses, either as single vision, lined-bifocal or progressive addition lenses, can provide relief from computer eyestrain, making you more comfortable and more productive at your computer. Glare from the screen can also be reduced by special coatings and tints applied to your eyeglass lenses. By eliminating glare and the need to constantly refocus, your eyes remain comfortably at rest – even after hours at the computer.

Titamium – a Lightweight, Disaster-Resistant Eyeglass Frame With Style

Eyeglass manufacturers for years have sought to develop frames that are both extremely durable and very comfortable. Finally, after years of experimenting with the preparation, welding, plating, and coloring of titanium, they have achieved what many in the industry now consider the perfect eyeglass frame. The new titanium frames are very flexible, lightweight (about 40% lighter than steel), corrosion-resistant, and hypoallergenic. Their high tensile strength allows manufacturers to make very thin, delicate and stylish rimless and semi-rimless designs. These frames are so light that they can hardly feel them. The optical shop in our office has a wide variety of these new titanium frames at very reasonable prices.

Stronger, More Durable Eyeglass Frames

Many manufacturers have started making titanium-based alloy frames. All titanium frames are hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant, and come in a wide-selection of attractive styles. In addition, since titanium is so durable, frames can be made thinner, which makes them even lighter on your face.