Cataracts Surgery with Glaucoma

Cataracts Surgery with Glaucoma

A cataract is a natural clouding of the lens in the eye. Because the lens is responsible for focusing objects when the lens is cloudy seeing clearly becomes difficult. Usually, the cataract does not interfere with vision initially, and cataracts are not considered an urgent problem.

As we age, the chances of having a cataract increases. Because age is a risk factor for glaucoma as well, many patients with glaucoma also have cataracts.

Although all of us will eventually develop cataracts, the good news is that the treatment for cataracts is very successful with the latest surgical techniques. When treatment for a cataract is warranted, it is surgically removed and an artificial lens is put in its place.

Glaucoma, however, damages the optic nerve, the critical structure that transmits the visual signal from the eye to the brain. Unfortunately, in contrast to cataracts, we are not yet able to repair or replace the optic nerve. This important difference affects the management of these two diseases when they co-exist in the same eye.

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