• Due to a fire at the Penn Ave location, that office is temporarily closed. While it’s closed, we will be open in our Munhall office on Tues. 9am-7pm, Wed. 9am-4pm, and Thu. 8:30am-4pm in addition to our Mon. and Fri. regular hours.

  • Medical Eye Exams

    Medical Eye Exams

    Dr. Barad and Dr. Cecchini perform medical eye exams on patients to monitor eye health conditions and to treat diseases of the eye.  This is different than a vision exam for glasses or contact lenses.  Some common reasons for a medical eye exam are:

    • Yearly examination and monitoring of cataracts
    • Dilated diabetic eye exam
    • Glaucoma or monitoring of a glaucoma suspect
    • Recent development of eye pain, redness, or discomfort in either eye
    • Sudden onset of floaters or flashing lights in vision
    • Headaches
    • Age related macular degeneration or a family history of  the disease
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