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Pittsburgh Eye Associates performs complete and thorough routine and medical eye examinations for people of all ages using a variety of advanced instruments and techniques which make it possible to diagnose conditions both inside and outside the eye.

Call our office at 412-683-0500 to verify our insurance participation and your eye care benefits.

Reviews From Our Happy Patients

  • Yael G, Pittsburgh

    “My recent eye exam with Dr. Cecchini was very thorough and professional. He was really knowledgeable. I loved the glasses selection and found the perfect pair for the perfect price, with the optician’s knowledgeable assistance – and I am quite picky! I highly recommend Pittsburgh Eye Associates. Everyone was wonderful, caring and answered all my questions.”

  • Carl B, Munhall

    "For years I struggled with bifocals and that middle-age eye adjustment. Finally, I went to see Dr. Cecchini at Pittsburgh Eye Associates. Between the analysis and proper lens correction, I see as well as I did 20 years ago! Both the eyeglasses and contact lenses have been game-changers for me. I can’t thank and recommend Pittsburgh Eye Associates enough.”

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How to Pick the Best Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes

(from the American Academy of Ophthalmology) Sunglasses aren’t an optional summertime accessory, they’re an essential prescription for eye health. Long-term exposure to the sun without proper protection can increase the risk of eye disease, including cataract, growths on the eye, and eye cancer. As summer gets underway, Pittsburgh Eye Associates and the American Academy of Ophthalmology share seven essential tips for […]

Fireworks Eye Safety

What to Do for a Fireworks Eye Injury Fireworks-related eye injuries can combine blunt force trauma, heat burns and chemical exposure. If an eye injury from fireworks occurs, it should be considered a medical emergency. Seek medical attention immediately. Do not rub your eyes. Do not rinse your eyes. Do not apply pressure. Do not remove any […]

Common Types of Cataract

There are Three Common Types of Cataract Ophthalmologists categorize cataracts in different ways. The most basic method of classification is according to the location of the actual opacity (cataract). There are actually different kinds of cataracts. Three of the most common types of cataracts are related to the aging eye.   Nuclear cataract A nuclear […]

What is Cataract? How to Treat Cataract Effectively?

What is a Cataract ? Many people have Cataract, but they do not know what is cataract exactly. A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. A cataract is not a tumor or a growth that develops over the front surface of the eye. Most cataracts are not visible […]

How to Pick the Right Pair of Glasses for your Face

Picking a pair of frames can be stressful and overwhelming. There are thousands of options… how do you know which ones to go for? The best way to narrow down the selection process is by being informed on what frame styles will look best on your face shape and skin tone. Face Shape Oval: Your […]

Eye Spots, Flashes and Eye Floaters

Almost everyone will experience a small moving dark spot in their vision. These are commonly named floaters and are especially common when looking directly at a light background or into bright lights. The perception of floaters is medically known as myodesopsia. What are Eye Floaters? Eye floaters are condensed proteins floating through the vitreous fluid […]

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration (AMD) is an aging disease in the central area of the retina, the macula. There are two forms; Nonexudative (dry) and exudative (wet). Non Exudative (Dry) Macular Degeneration Symptom is usually a gradual decrease in vision. Result of tissue atrophy and deposits (drusen). Treatments include AREDS multivitamins, fish oil or other omega-3 supplements, […]

Diabetes and Your Eyes

What is the connection between diabetes and the eyes? Diabetes can damage almost every part of the eye. Indeed, it is the leading cause of adult blindness in the United States. The danger increases with the length of the illness. Two-thirds of diabetics will show signs of eye damage after 15 years, and up to […]

Ocular Migraines (Eye Migraines)

Ophthalmic (eye) migraines are quite common and often painless, although the solo term “migraine” usually brings to mind a severe type of headache. But with eye-related migraines, visual disturbances with or without headache pain also can accompany migraine processes thought to be related to changes in blood flow in the brain. These visual problems associated […]

Entropion – turning in of the eyelid

Entropion is the turning in of the edges of the eyelid (usually the lower eyelid) so that the lashes rub against the eye surface. Causes, incidence, and risk factors Entropion can be present at birth (congenital). In babies, it rarely causes problems because the lashes are very soft and do not easily damage the cornea. […]

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