4 Ways to Reduce the Digital Impact on Your Eyes

If you have ever spent a few solid hours in front of a computer screen, you’ve probably come away with an itching or burning sensation in your eyes. Whether you2016-07-25_1514 have a huge assignment due or a notice that your boss needs now, stopping work isn’t an option – so how can you protect your eyes?

Here are four easy steps you can take to reduce the impact your computer or digital device is having on your eyes.

1.Turn the brightness down and adjust adjacent lighting. We’ve all experienced the agony of trying to see what’s on our screens in full daylight. If you have a large amount of artificial or natural lighting glaring on your computer, chances are you’ve turned your monitor brightness up to counter it. Instead, try moving your monitor so that the lights are behind it and then turn the brightness down; your eyes will thank you for it.

Speaking of moving your monitor…

2. The optimal distance from you to your screen is between 20 and 30 inches. Try and raise it so that it’s at eye level; when you look down for long periods of time, you may strain your neck and back.

3. Adjust your color settings to a warmer range. It is thought that blue light, as created with a cooler color temperature, can cause more strain on your eyes. Adjust your color settings so that your monitor looks more orange or red – the longer wave lengths are easier on your eyes.

On the new iPhones, Apple has actually installed a setting that allows you to automatically switch to the warmer range. Other phones may have apps or features that could be downloaded to accommodate this as well.

4. Remember the 20/20/20. Every twenty minutes, look at an object that’s twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This is a nice break for your eyes, and is quick enough not to interrupt an important project.

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